Company Description

You probably wonder, who are we and what is “TheNewGeneration” all about? We are one of the biggest marketing companies on the market. The team of “TheNewGeneration” helps people daily, to grow their businesses by creating advanced marketing strategies, producing content (Directing, Filming, Editing and Advertising), consulting calls and meetings (worldwide). We have helped thousands of upcoming small businesses to grow beyond their expectations, but at the same time, we also work with world famous brands and companies! We are the creators of one of the most successful marketing courses(which you can see in the COURSES&E-BOOKS section). If you have questions of any type, you can e-mail us at: and our team will return you an answer in the next 24 hours.

About Us

Pavel and Kristiyan

We are Pavel and Kristiyan, founders of “TheNewGeneration”. We are the ones who helped and motivated thousands of people around the world to change their lifestyle and gave them hope for a better future. Remember from us – There is never a bad time to start a business – unless you want to start a mediocre one. The whole team of “TheNewGeneration” is here to help you.


Hello, I am Boyan, CEO of “TheNewGeneration”. The past year I proved to everyone and most importantly to myself, that with a lot of hard work, but also enjoying what I am doing in the process, this led me to the top position of being the CEO of “TheNewGeneration”. Thanks to this strong community and with the help of the founders Pavel and Kristiyan, my life has changed entirely!

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