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Before I started working with TNG I had trouble with all the upcoming competition in the hotel industry. My whole business was going down, even though I was investing in different marketing campaigns. After TNG handled my situation, I noticed that my approach was in the wrong direction. They created two advertisement videos plus implementing successful business systems, which turned out to be a huge step in my industry.


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First, book your free growth strategy plan, and let us analyze your business and competitors while creating a custom marketing system which will be designed to crush your competitors. We charge for this service $500, but as a first-time client you will get it totally for free!


After we have designed a custom marketing campaign, we will discuss with you all of the details and ideas from where we start building them together. We will handle all of the busy work, while you focus on building your business!


Watching the result of your successful campaign will amaze you. You will be able to expand your reach in the market, build brand awareness and dominate over your competitors.


The shift from interruptive advertising to content marketing is driven by the changing behaviours of the modern digital consumer. Audiences now actively seek-out high quality valuable content and this presents huge opportunities, as well as challenges. Whether your promotional video is stand-alone or part of a wider campaign, we aim to create content that audiences truly value and want to engage with. Promotional video production is about more than just creating the video itself, of course. At TNG we can help you develop a video marketing strategy and distribute your video assets, so that they reach your intended audience in the most effective way possible. From a statistical point of view people are more likely to understand a well structured creative video.

If you really want your content to make an impact, your script has to be on point. But before we start, it’s important to note the Maya Angelou quote, “People won’t remember what you said… they will remember how you made them feel”. A script is the way that we are able to communicate emotion, movement, energy, dialogue, expressions and breathe life into our characters. It also provides an opportunity to bring brand messages into our videos and is the tool that allows us to craft call to action. Scripting is the most economical way to test out bold ideas and see if concepts are effective. As such, we recommend making concept changes at script stage, as this allows us to adjust the story without reshooting entire scenes.

There’s often a misconception that editing is merely taking out the ‘bad bits’ to leave behind what was planned all along, but it’s so much more complex than that. Editing is setting the tone. It’s knowing when to speed things up…and when to breathe. It’s as much about taking away as it is adding content. It’s building, cutting, pacing and trimming. Editing is creating signposts for your audience so that they clearly understand you and your message. And above all, editing can change behaviour. We like our editors to get involved as early as possible in pre-production so they can fully understand the brief and begin plotting the direction and form that the film will take even before the cameras are rolling.

Brands once relied on print to define themselves. Static graphical identity is how people would recognise them. But today the ways in which we can express ourselves are boundless. Breathing life into brands through motion, sound and colour. You may have a complicated story to tell and animation can really help with that. Explaining, engaging and enlightening your audience. Animation makes things tangible and easily understood, from every age group. Discover a completely new style for your brand, creating assets you can really own. Animation can also help budgets work harder, replacing a need to shoot in expensive locations. Combining animated elements with real life footage means we can create moments that would otherwise be near impossible to capture in the real world.
A professional voice over actor will have the ability to deliver exactly what they promise so that they meet the needs of your video. Their versatility will mean that they will be able to listen to your directions and suggestions to help create the explainer video that you want. In the post production stage we try to explain all of the details and information gathered to the voice actors, because they need to understand the whole conception behind the story. That is why one of the most important aspects of using a professional voice over is that they know how to target your audience with their voice. They can adapt and take on different tones so that the audience are gripped and want to listen carefully.

In most cases we try to create a strong bond between the companies we work with and their potential clients. It is good to show how a company works from first hand, but sometimes we aim for professionalism by adding actors/ spokespersons to explain by raising the quality of production with their experience gained over the years, how the company operates and how much value can it bring to people. Using this is a great advantage over the competition because it allows people to create a far better visualization of the brand neither if they have heard or nor engaged with it for the first time. Apart from this, spokespeople will help completing the job faster, which will make the whole project professional.